State Legislative Initiative 

In 2014, I successfully advocated to place a policy question on the state ballot in the 7th Suffolk District calling increased access to community radio in under served communities--Question No 5. 
My vision and efforts, along with the assistance of our community members, organizations, and business owners garnered the 8,000 signatures required. The measure was voted upon favorably by 87% of the voters. 

This was a major victory for the various ethnic communities--a measure that was led and fueled by the Black Community in an effort to show support for the only black owned and operated community radio station in Boston that was denied a license for the eight years it was on the local LP dial at LP-WTCH-Boston, TOUCH 106.1FM.

Recognized by the Boston City Council
I have received many citations and awards for my community service work and dedication to the communities that makes up Boston--some noted awards that gave me recognition includes but is not limited to the following:
1979        Boston University       The Martin Luther King, Four Year full Academic Scholarship

2007     City of Boston African American Achievement Award for Community Service
2009        Boston City Council      Resolution supporting the Low-Power FM Radio Act
2010       Cultural Arts Center     Sojourner Truth Award
2013      Carribean Foundation of Boston      Recognition of Appreciation  
2015        Golden Aires              Resolution and honorary member for Outstanding 
                                                               Service and Dedication to our community
2017        Haitian American United  Community Sevice Award