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January 30, 2017 

Charles Clemons Muhammad, a candidate for the Boston City Council's District 7, led a march and rally last Thursday in Boston to show solidarity with Boston's immigrant and Muslim communities. 

Muhammad organized the rally in response to President Donald Trump's executive order reinstating the government's Secure Communities Program utilized by the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to target undocumented immigrants for removal. 

"Many of our neighbors, children, friends, and loved ones are living in fear. Children are scared that their parents will be removed," Muhammad said to residents and Muslim leaders  at the rally. 

Bill Wright, campaign manager for Muhammad, said Bostonians need to defend immigrants, particularly recent immigrants. "Boston - and America - was built by immigrants. We all have an obligation and a duty to stand up for new immigrants in our country - the greatest land of opportunity on this planet," he said. Roxbury's population of nearly 60,000 residents is made up of over 25 percent immigrants. 

Trump's order directs the state department to withhold visas or take other measures to ensure that nations agree to take back immigrants removed from the United States. The order also threatens to deny federal grant money to the nearly 300 Sanctuary Cities throughout the United States,  including Boston, that provide a safe haven for undocumented immigrants and refuse to comply with government  policies that tear apart families. "We must not fear, but stand together. No child should be in fear of losing their parents and we must stick together with our Muslim Community," said Muhammad, who, in addition to his support for Boston's immigrant and Muslim communities, is advocating for affordable housing, quality education, community engagement, and Boston's elderly and senior citizens. 

Muhammad, a former Boston Police officer, said he intends to open a district office in Grove Hall and train children to become civically engaged. 



January 5, 2017 

Charles Clemons Muhammad, a life-long Boston resident, former Boston Police Officer, successful entrepreneur - and a dedicated Community Activist and Advocate - is a candidate for the District 7 Boston City Council seat.

Mr. Muhammad, who finished second in the campaign for the District 7 seat, in 2015, has a platform that includes: Decreasing the incidences of senseless murders and gun violence that have plagued The District; improving public education and funding the Boston Public Schools system better; increasing economic development and jobs creation for District residents; and working to prevent gentrification that displaces long-term residents and businesses.

District 7 is comprised of sections of Roxbury, Dorchester,The South End, Back Bay and The Fenway.

In announcing his candidacy, Mr. Muhammad said, "My community is the geographical heart of The City of Boston. I love my community and the people who live and work in it. I have been a jobs-creator and a public servant throughout my entire life. I put my life on-the-line, as a Boston Police Officer, for 10 years, to protect residents and visitors, alike. I believe that, as a Boston City Councilor, I will be able to do even more to assist the residents of District 7 and to enable them to benefit from and to enjoy all of the great resources that the historic City of Boston has to offer."