About Charles Clemons Muhammad  

Charles Clemons Muhammad is a true Bostonian, having been raised in Roxbury in Mission Hill on Annunciation Road. He grew up in Dorchester in the Four Corners neighborhood on Rosseter Street and is the oldest of five children. His mother taught him very early that he needed to be a leader, protector and be independent. 

Over the years, Clemons has worked as an activist--advocating for school reform, public safety, strategies that work and community engagement around issues that impact public policy. He is a tireless promoter of the public good and economic self-sufficiency.

Clemons became an entrepreneur very early in life; he traded marbles for a penny and sold them for a nickel; he picked up bottles and returned them to recycling centers. At the age of 12, he opened his first business, a lemonade stand. Clemons purchased his first radio kit at Radio Shack and discovered his love for radio and music and at the age of 15 he officially became a disc jockey, calling himself C.C., then coined himself C.C. the Mastermixer.

When Clemons was 16 years old he applied for his first permit at Boston City Hall in order to have Block Parties that would bring his family, friends and neighbors together through music. This led to him becoming an unpaid intern at WILD for two years, working 40-50 hours a week, because he wanted to learn about the music industry. At the age of 19 he became one of the youngest Music Director in the country and was featured in Billboard Magazine. From this vantage point, he also was a concert promoter.

In his professional career, Clemons became a correctional officer to monitor and ensure fair treatment, safety and the well being of incarcerated individuals. He later decided that he could also make an impact on the streets that he grew up in. For 10 years Clemons walked the beat in Roxbury, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain and West Roxbury as a Boston Police Officer.

He simultaneously and successfully operated First Choice Limousine Service for 17 years; however, the business was sold in 2006 in order for Charles to fulfill his lifetime dream of becoming a radio station owner. Clemons is the co-founder of TOUCH 106.1 FM, "The Fabric of the Black Community". TOUCH 106.1 FM is strategically located in the heart of the Black Community. It allows the people broader access to real time media and your can truly "Feel and Hear the Difference". TOUCH 106.1 FM is the vehicle and platform that speaks to and for the people and Streams Live at www.TOUCHFM.org.

Clemons is recognized by all and is often asked when he will run for office. He is an activist--in March of 2009, he walked from Boston to Washington, DC and successfully lobbied Congress to give more power to local FM radio stations across the country.

He is the proud parent of 7 wonderful children and grandfather of 2 amazing grandchildren.

Clemons has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the following: Mayor Thomas Menino and the City of Boston African American Achievement Service Award for Community Service; “Metro Boston Alive Inc. Somebody Community Service Award”; The Garrett Pressley Autism Resource Center Award and numerous citations from the State House of Representatives, The Massachusetts State Senate, Governor Deval Patrick and the Boston City Council.