I would like to thank Allah for blessing me with my supportive family! My mentors, Mel King and Minster Don Muhammad, I cherish you both. I will never be able to name each and every person out there who supported me throughout this entire ...campaign, but I appreciate you all the same. I have been educated and become more knowledgeable of the issues that directly affects every neighborhood in the City of Boston. I am also aware of the inequitable distribution of resources that are provided to the Black, Latino and low-income neighborhoods. That is what my campaign was about, raising the level of consciousness to be an advocate for MY PEOPLE. And, as long as I have strength, I will continue to speak for the voiceless and address your concerns, because they are OUR concerns.

To my awesome volunteers (You all know who you are), I am humbled and words will never be able to express my gratitude for you guys and gals believing in The Movement. There is still far too much more work that needs to be done, so don't take your boots off, we still need soldiers and soldierettes fighting this fight.

Because, of this campaign, I know who my friends are. But even more importantly, I have stared in the eyes of those who have revealed their true ugliness and proven themselves to be the polar opposite a friend. This campaign was a learning experience for me and often times very challenging. Campaigning in Boston with 11 other candidates in neighborhoods that are NOT, racially diverse was very complicated and there were situations...let's just say that racism is still alive in Boston. I'll have plenty of time to talk about all of this in the days and weeks to come.

Congratulations to ALL the candidates, who stuck in there for all these months (none longer than myself, I announced in August 2011), even when they told us to drop out the race because we were not viable. Completing this chapter in our stories was truly an accomplishment and this was an historic election year in Boston. Make sure you celebrate and relish in making it as far as you did and building a strong base of organized and motivated constituents.

Finally, to all the voters who exercised the privilege, it has now become our responsibility to get your friends and family engaged. We must monitor the process before the final election and hold John Connolly and Martin Walsh accountable to the promises that they have made. Trust me, they are listening and they will hear, LOUD AND CLEAR, the demands from each and every neighborhood around this entire city EQUALLY. Let's speak up together!!! Say It Loud...

May Allah bring us peace and unity!


Charles Clemons, Former Mayoral Candidate